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Unlimited Space Medical Supplies is founded by the Abdullah Khafrah Group to fill the Medical need of the Kingdom. The market segments are clearly defined and all are subject to a high growth trend. Market is projected to exceed 40 million in the next five years. We have participated in the design of the current market leader in that field and has improved upon the product significantly. Another market addresses a well-defined and unanswered need in endoscopic surgery: the clearly of fungal pools of blood and tissue during surgical procedures. A new and innovative design has been created to answer the needs of surgeons.
This market should begin at 40 million but could expand to several hundred million as soon as approvals are obtained for many varied sugical procedures.


The mission of USMS is to design, develop and take over the market with new and Made in Saudi patented technologies in the medical device field in Saudi Arabia. The technologies will fill market niche. Each technology will fill a current need in medical procedure by improving upon an existing technology or device, or by designing a device to serve a need that is clearly defined and acknowledged by medical professionals. Each professionals. Each products shall be priced to appeal to managed-care market that stresses lowest cost of total treatment.

Keys to Success

The keys to success for USMS are as follows:

  • # First and the only factory in KSA to manufacture Surgical, dental instruments.
  • # Initial market obtained. 20 years experience in Saudi Market.
  • # All patent applications filed.
  • # The ability to generate early revenue from non-regulated markets in Saudi Arabia.
  • # Successful implementation of sales and marketing.
  • # Increased product development and continued market share gains to produce a 250 million revenue company by year five.
  • # No other competitors. Since there is no factory in KSA for surgical instruments.
  • # The cost for other suppliers/importers of surgical instruments will be increased 15%, after starting the production of the factory.


The principal objectives of Unlimited Space Medical Supplies are follows:

  • # To achieve a 50% market penetration in the endoscopic varietal ligation market by year five.
  • # To achieve 10 million in revenue by year three.
  • # To raise 2 million in private sector in first year.
  • # To win Tenders from the government being the one and the only Manufacturing Company of Surgical Instruments in Saudi Arabia.
  • # To dominate the market by providing best quality and comparatively better rates.

Our Services

Life Saving Equipments

We Supply Lifesaving Equipments for, Surgical, Dental, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Treatments.


We Supply all kinds of Furnitures for, Hospitals and Offices to all over KSA.

Anesthesia Products

We Supply all kind of Anesthesia Products to Hospitals for the sugeries.

ER Products

We Supply all kinds of ER Products.

Emergency Lights

We Supply Emergency Lights for Operation Theatres and Other Places in Hospitals.

Respiratory Products

We Supply all kinds of Respiratory products such as CPR, Oxygen Therapy, Tracheostomy, Ventilation & etc.

Dental Clinic Ceramics

We supply all kind of Ceramic products like Ceramic Dental Crowns, TEETH & etc

Disposable items

Tranfusion & Infusion Disposables, Cardialogy, Sugical Gloves & etc.

Urology Products

Bladder Scanners, Catheters, Drainage Bags, Irrigation Syringes & Trays etc.

Radiography Equipments

X-Ray & Imaging Equipments.

Our Products

Our Suppliers

medical equpement maintanance

The sole aim of Unlimited Space is to deliver high quality services that provide effective healthcare engineering solutions for our customers. What sets us apart is the manner in which we deliver those solutions and the quality standards to which we vehemently adhere.
We understand the fluid nature of the healthcare market, the strict regulatory guidelines and the wider operational challenges faced by all medical device companies and healthcare providers. Whether you’re looking for a field-based solution (e.g. field change order / upgrade), a back-to-base solution (e.g. bench repair / calibration/ service) or a combination of both, we will work with you to find the best possible solution.
We work on medical equipment as diverse in range from imaging and patient monitoring to BP monitors and innovative telemedicine devices. Services range from planned preventative maintenance (PPMs), product recalls, repairs and calibration, to firmware upgrades and installations.

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